Active Receivables for Healthcare

Med-Plan Services

Created specifically for the healthcare industry, Med-Plan helps healthcare systems, clinics and other medical professionals process active receivables to increase cash flow, reduce bad debt and expedite the revenue stream. Most importantly, Med-Plan is customized based on the needs of individual organizations.

  • Insurance follow-up
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Special mailings projects
  • Return mail processing
  • Specialized calling campaign
  • Leading-edge business analytics
  • Charity care identification
  • Self-pay portfolio analysis
  • 501R Compliant
  • Online payment portal
  • Consumer payment app
  • Long-term patient financing service (partnership with lender)
  • Highest Patient satisfaction scores

Because Med-Plan Services works exclusively with clients in the healthcare industry, we have a high level of expertise regarding healthcare regulation, compliance and best practices.

Med Plan Services